Wednesday, January 17, 2018


Apparently the number of confirmed victims of Larry Nassar is up to 140.  At a certain point, you've got to wonder which of his patients he didn't molest.  Ick. 

That noted, Nassar has a life sentence, effectively, and there isn't that much more society can do to him.  The lessons we need to learn here are, really, how to break into the OODA loop of the next guy at the institutions we cherish.  How is it that one guy molested a huge portion of the young ladies who came into his exam room without anyone taking effective action for 20 years?  How does one create a culture in a vulnerable area--Sunday School, schools, clinics, etc..--where it will be unthinkable for a person to sit on evidence as appears to have happened at my alma mater?

Update: apparently my alma mater is not alone in this.  Several schools have hired this woman to administrative posts, including posts where she had authority over writing sexual harassment policies, despite pleading no context in a sexual abuse case.  One would hope that being on Megan's List would be a bar to university employment, but apparently not.

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