Thursday, January 18, 2018

A story from the Peace Corps

Former Peace Corps employee Karin McQuillan gives us her recollection of her time in Senegal, in which she establishes very clearly that the part of Senegal she knew quite literally qualified as a s-hole, and what she saw among refugees from that part of the world in Paris--it was to bring that place to Western Europe, more or less.  I also remember a friend from church noting that when she went to an African country with her husband, her job there was to boil water and seriously wash everything they ate.   For reference, these friends were not white and I'd have to guess were also not Republican, either.

More or less, what's being said is that the country doesn't need more Peace Corps volunteers, and they certainly don't need foreign aid and visas to the U.S.  What they need is missionaries who will preach the Decalogue to them, and note that 3500 years ago, Moses told Israel to keep their waste far away from their drinking water. 

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