Thursday, February 09, 2017

Unclear on the concept

Believing (wrongly) that the federal Department of Education has the power to destroy public education, many people on the left are planning to homeschool their children.  The irony here is that since schools allocate funds by the number of students, and since schools really need a quorum of smart, well behaved kids to function well, these well-meaning but misguided liberals are...

.....exercising their power to destroy the public education available to their children.  Oops. 

But that said, if liberals learn how few resources (in money and time) are needed to educate a child well, and the tremendous freedoms offered by home education, all I can say is "the more the merrier."  This is especially the case as it would further the migration of home education away from the teachings of guys like Bill Gothard, and would be tremendously good for the movement.  It also has the possibility of reminding the left of the joys of traditional family life where one parent has primary care of the children, and of reminding Democratic legislators that homeschool freedoms cannot be infringed without extracting a political price.


Tyler Robbins said...

Bert - it's always dangerous to make too much sense!

Bike Bubba said...

I'll watch out for that. Thanks for the visit, brother!