Monday, February 13, 2017

A simple question

Recent reports indicate that recent decisions of retailers to drop "Trump" brand clothing, jewelry, and other lines had a lot to do with precipitous drops in business as the election season was gearing up--apparently about the same time "the Donald" wrapped up the nomination.  Now granted, I don't have a good statistical sample of those customers who ultimately made that decision, but one would have to conclude that a significant portion of "soak the rich" Democrats were previously willing to buy Trump brand products.

Now from my perspective, I've found the Trump brand rather tacky ever since I was in high school, but it particularly boggles the mind to contemplate this crowd buying their merchandise in the first place.  If one isn't careful, one is bound to learn something new each day, I guess.


Gino said...

as for the Trump brand in general, i have no opinion. but the Ivanka Trump fashion line, from what i understand, was actually pretty good stuff, and popular among young professional women... the same demographic that doesnt much care for Trump this year.

Bike Bubba said...

No argument--and I've heard that a lot of "Trump" businesses really are run first class. For me, it's just that in light of Trump's well known scandals, I'm about as likely to wear something with that name on it as I am to buy Playboy apparel or A&F. It's just not an image I've ever wanted for myself.