Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Because diversity!

It turns out that the limo torched by anti-Trump protesters was owned by a Muslim immigrant, and the driver they assaulted while ruining his livelihood had an identifiably Hispanic name.  With friends on the far left, it would seem that Hispanics, Muslims, and immigrants don't need any enemies, do they?

In related news, Minnesota legislators are looking to increase the penalties for rioting, and while I sympathize with the motivation, it strikes me that the biggest problem we have with rioters is not that the penalties we have are not harsh enough.  It is that police departments and prosecutors are refusing to prosecute rioters and impose the penalties we have.  We seem to be forgetting that if a penalty is seen as unduly harsh, prosecutors, police, judges, and juries will refuse to implement it.  A parallel case is some wisdom a friend gave about the landlord business; don't make the penalty for late payment so high you can't bring yourself to impose it.

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