Monday, January 23, 2017

Bat-signal to the Kool Aid Report

Powerline tells us that there is, apparently, an entire journal devoted to "Metal Music Studies", and that a key question to be addressed is whether a musical genre where most performers have long curly hair with pancake makeup and have physiques developed by years of bench-pressing tuna salad sandwiches and heroin suffers from a crisis of hypermasculinity.   Worth noting as well is that a patron saint of hair metal, Mutt Lange, is the same guy who also did production work for Bryan Adams, Huey Lewis, Lady Gaga, and of course his ex-wife Shania Twain. 

If that's not hyper-masculine, I sure don't know what is.  For more hyper-masculine heavy metal, you can check out the "Harp Twins", "Harptallica", and of course the "Kool Aid Report."  Yes, with all this hypermasculinity, even Arnold Schwartzenegger's cameo at an AC/DC concert can't feminize it enough.  Over and out, Foot.

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Gino said...

hypermasculinity? like... how many chicks was Rob Halford banging???