Thursday, March 19, 2015

Pure brilliance in Minnesota

Apparently, Minnesota high schools and others are following the lead of California in allowing "transgender" students to participate in the opposite sex's sports teams, use the opposite sex's restrooms, and even shower in the opposite sex's locker rooms.  Now apart from the objections that I earlier raised to the California case, let's raise a simple concern.

Historically, restrooms and locker rooms are sex segregated because of the vulnerability that follows being partially or fully nude.  A man in the ladies' room is hence automatically assumed to be there for the wrong reasons, and thus will be removed before.....

.....he can demonstrate that he belongs on Megan's List along with 700,000 others already there.  So if a "transgender" person wonders why I don't want him using the ladies' room along with my daughters, this is why.  It's not about the "transgender" person, but about close to a million others who might use the opportunity misguided policies like this afford to take advantage of vulnerable people.


Hearth said...

At this rate, the sane people are going to have to build their own communities.

I posted on Chris' page that I'm wondering if our kids will be asking for DNA tests before getting married/serious about courting... and instead of marriage licenses (who wants to bet on the results this summer?) will be using ketubahs instead?

Bike Bubba said...

I saw that--thought about commenting. This kind of thing is why it's wonderful, when courting, to know the family and friends of the intended who might tell you "Sharon's really a boy".

It's also worth noting that marriage vows, if properly executed, function as something of a ketubah, no?

But to the direct point, just bought my oldest pepper spray and a cell phone for cases when she might need them. Not for transsexuals, but for people who need to be on Megan's List who might misuse this kind of thing.

Hearth said...

Ah, ye who live in towns where you might know the families of the other kids your kids associate with... :P