Wednesday, March 04, 2015

It boggles the mind

Regarding the scandal regarding Hillary Clinton's tenure at the State Department, and in the Senate, not apparently involving using government emails for government business, it strikes me that if I'd told any of my employers that I'd be doing my work using an unsecured personal email, administered by someone unknown to them, and assuring them that everything was on the up and up, I'd have been walked out that day.  And if I'd by some weird chance persuaded one of my employers' IT departments to go along with my scheme, they'd be joining me as I got walked out as soon as management figured it out.  Had I tried it with one of my employers, a defense contractor, I'd have been walked out and referred for prosecution--despite the fact that I've never held a security clearance.

And Mrs. Clinton was, of course, dealing with confidential and classified information on a daily basis.  Why the entire Obama administration isn't currently incarcerated at Club Gitmo is beyond me.  No private citizen not in the special favor of the government could get away with this sort of thing.

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