Sunday, January 04, 2015

I do not think....

.....that the phrase "white privilege" means what Missouri State Senator Maria Chappelle-Nadal thinks it means.  The Senatress recently tweeted that she would "remember...and use" examples of people using their "white privilege".

Now apart from whether I believe in the idea of white privilege at all--I am thinking that my privilege lies not in the color of my skin, but rather in the fact that my home life featured a lot of "books" and parents who cared enough about me to keep me in certain situations and out of others--but it's worth noting that the very premiss of "white privilege" is that the mere fact of caucasian ancestors conveys certain advantages in life, and therefore whites cannot, by definition, avoid using white privilege.

And so the person who says that she will use "white privilege" against those who use it is really saying that she is going to discriminate against white people.  I guess that's one's right, or "black privilege", when one is a politically favored civil rights activist.

Hoping and praying that we can discard both concepts, though, in favor of the real things that differentiate us.

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