Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Feeding the fires of riots

No, I'm not going to blame the media here, though Mitch does a good job of that here and here.   Rather, I'd like to build on what Powerline notes here and here; that if one looks at the footage from the media and ignores the reporters and commentariat, it appears not that people are rioting because they are enraged at the grand jury, but rather because the system is set up to reward those who riot, at least if they're the right skin color. 

Take a look at the reports; people are prying up bricks from walkways and buildings to throw at police.  They are destroying businesses that serve them and looting them.  Vehicles on the streets are being overturned and burned.  What are they saying with this, besides "I am a criminal."?

They are saying "This is not mine.".   In other words, the rioters have no sense of ownership or belonging in the community where they live.

Now look at the proposals to help the situation.  Someone should come from outside and reform the police.  Someone will come from outside and provide jobs, housing, educational opportunities.....

.....and thus reinforce the lesson; "This is not mine, but I can get what I want when I make a stink.".   If we really want to help, we need to make sure that help has a very clear message:

This is yours.

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