Thursday, November 20, 2014

A thought regarding the Obama immigration usurpation....

.....or a couple.  For starters, this move by the President is in a way only doing what the INS/ICE and previous Presidents have been doing for decades; ignoring the problem.  The only real innovation is that he is going to illegally hand out work permits.

But that said, I reckon that if I told my employer that I was not only not going to do my job, but was going to prevent my coworkers from doing theirs, my manager would promptly let me know that I was welcome to resign my position or be fired.  I'll be sending such a note to the President, as well as my Senators and representative.  I am, as a citizen and taxpayer, their employer, and if they're not going to do their job, they are welcome to resign or be fired.

Regarding the specifics of the plan, Hugh Hewitt makes some guesses, and (as is typical for the President), it turns out that his plan will hurt those who are not here legally.  The trick is that the fraudulent documents Mr. Obama plans to hand out to illegals will.....

.....clearly identify them as what they are.  As such, employers who don't want a hassle from angry neighbors for hiring illegals won't hire them, and illegals won't want a clear paper trail to exist when (God willing) we get a law-abiding President in 2017.

In other words, President Obama is about to do for the Constitution and the immigration issue what he's done for the rule of law in taxes and healthcare.  God help us.


Hearth said...

There's no hassle from angry neighbors. Heck, some of my neighbors ARE illegals.

And there are places here you can go and pick up illegal workers for the day. They stand around in certain parking lots. If INS/ICE had permission to do something... well. They don't.

I'm not sure what point work permits have OTHER than to let the employers off the hook, which has always been the problem in the first place.

No one gives a darn about the people, it's about the money. If we cared about illegal immigration, we would target the companies, and we'd get serious about it.

Bike Bubba said...

I'm thinking that when it's 100% clear that the new guy is an illegal, people will complain not to the illegals, but to the employer. Natural consequence of when the issues are obvious.

Bike Bubba said...

And lots of illegals even here. About ten years back, my dad started talking with a crew building a house that didn't know English. No problemo; his Spanish was sufficient. Took them off guard, though. :^)