Thursday, July 10, 2008

Nature or Nurture?

One of Michael Vick's Staffordshires is apparently becoming a champion disk catcher and a good pet. Seems that nurture is more powerful than nature in getting "pit bulls" to the ring, and that even those who have been in the fighting ring seem to be redeemable with a little bit of old fashioned love and attention.

Well done, Andrew Yori, and well done, Wallace and Hector.

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Gino said...

not quite.
these dogs are bred to please. its not just nurture.

what makes them such 'game' for a fight is the desire to please their masters. its not the fight itself.

the physical characteristics of these dogs give them gifts to take into the pit. but its their inbred desire to please that makes these gifts useful. they will, literally, die to please.

yes, nurture does indeed play a role in which direction these dogs will go, but its the nature that makes it so.