Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Exactly what does "sex research" mean?

I won't link the source, because (though it comes from MSM) it links to a number of other unsavory things, but I saw a study that claimed that men have an average of 32 sex partners, while women have only eight. Unless we can presume that the 2% or so of men who are homosexual have over 1000 partners apiece, we've got to assume that the average respondent to a survey in these matters is (pardon the pun) lying their pants off, especially when we consider the reality that large portions of the adult population are "slackers" who have been faithful to their spouses.

Now consider research in this area with regards to this methodological debacle. Isn't it scary that people are passing laws based on this "research"? Isn't it scarier that people are earning doctorates in this area based on such obviously flawed work? Isn't it scariest that our kids might have the opportunity to "learn" from such people?


Gino said...

are they lying?

let see...
when out with 'the guys', my experience far surpasses that average.

when out with somebody whom i hope will increase my experience level, my average is very low to non existent.

in short: this is pretty much how these things work.
was the poll taker an atractive woman who was reasonably available to the respondant (meaning, in his league, a possible date)?

or was the poll taker hugh hefner?

pentamom said...

Add to your "slackers" the overwhelming (or so I perceive it) majority of men who fooled around with just a couple of women before marriage and/or strayed once, and you still have a really hard time pulling it up to an average of 32.

Think of this: even a cheating rat out of a British novel who carries on multiple serial affairs (say four separate five year affairs) during the course of a marriage pulls the average DOWN.

Bike Bubba said...

Yup, and this kind of methodology is what is used to justify the SIECUS/Kinsey sex ed curricula being fed to kids in the government schools. They're taking an inflated average generated by lies/rakes, and claiming it applies to all of us. Yikes.

(btw: Gino, I hope that that's just a thought experiment you're talking about, else you're finding yourself in willful sin...not a good thing)

Gino said...

all sin is willful.
its the will that makes it a sin.