Thursday, February 07, 2019

Brilliance in design

I heard about this while driving to work this morning--evidentially some geniuses at Gucci produced a 689-pound ($893) "balaclava sweater" with the balaclava (face mask) portion printed to resemble caricatures of black people from 100 years back.  Now for starters, you've got the obvious objection, which is "does no one at Gucci remember why this kind of thing was obnoxious?".  Apparently the answer to that one was "yes".

Also amusing to me, as someone who wears a balaclava at times to deal with Minnesota winters, is the fact that when it gets good and cold, one's nose runs, which puts a fair amount of boogers on the inside of the balaclava.  Then, when you come inside, you of course will need to either fold the balaclava down around your neck (exposing the boogers for all to see) or squish it down around your neck, sliming your whole neck with your own snot. 

Best of all, since it's 100% wool, it's probably dry clean only.  We are talking serious genius in design here.  It reminds me of this little skit.

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