Friday, July 06, 2018


This article illustrates some huge issues with Title IX investigations at universities, specifically my alma mater.  Specifically, Title IX creates (mandates really) a set of investigations parallel to police investigations, and women are getting caught in it.  Well, men too; it appears to be something of an equal opportunity debacle, and my chief question is why we're bothering at all instead of simply deferring to the police.  Again, universities cannot compel testimony, cannot lawfully collect physical evidence, and simply aren't equipped to deal with what properly belongs to the criminal justice system. 

A simpler solution; Title IX can collect evidence, but not do investigations.  When a person is indicted for certain crimes, they are suspended from the school, and if they are convicted of certain crimes, they are expelled.  Complainants can be protected by this, and schools shall have the responsibility to help them transfer to another school if they like, since not every complaint will result in a conviction. 

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