Friday, April 20, 2018

Thank you, Lizard Queen

Newsweak reveals that Hilliary Clinton helped scuttle her chances at the Presidency by not taking seriously the fact that she's seriously unlikeable.  She couldn't even fake sincerity and compassion, apparently, and quite frankly, had she made it back to 1600 Pennsylvania, there's no telling what she might have done. 

And along those lines, this might explain a lot about the Clintons.  Did she lose human compassion in grief at Bill's seeking love with others, or did Bill seek love with others in response to her lack of human compassion, or did both things feed on each other?    Or are they simply two creeps who richly deserve one another? 

Give her enough chardonnay, and you might get an honest answer.  Thankfully for her, the Secret Service will prevent you from hearing her answer.

Update: this might be the answer.  Apparently Mrs. Clinton described herself as a "misanthrope" all the way back in college, well before she met Bill. Quite frankly, I'm surprised Bill didn't nix her Senate runs to prevent damage to his political party, but perhaps that was the price he had to pay to avoid an embarrassing and costly divorce.  Or something like that.  


Gino said...

i'm still fairly confident that had the GOP nominated anybody other than Papa, Hillary would be president now.

Bike Bubba said...

There is certainly an argument that it took someone who'd dealt with the Mob in his day to day work to take out the Gambinos of American politics. Or, eight years earlier, it took a Capone from Chicago to take out the Gambinos from Gotham.

Elspeth said...