Monday, November 14, 2016

Greatness at the University of Michigan Law School

Although they didn't go through with it, they actually planned an event where their law students were going to "cope" with the election of Donald Trump by using coloring books, play-dough, and bubbles.  Now as a loyal Spartan who was born 30 miles south of Columbus, I've picked on the Wolverines for this kind of silliness innumerable times, but I hadn't quite expected them to admit that their law students have maturity that rivals that of toddlers.  Such robustness ought to serve them well in challenging courtroom situations, I dare say.  "Your honor, can we have a recess so I can cry a little while?"

Hail, to Michigan, the weenies of the west!

Side note is congratulations to the Iowa Hawkeyes, especially Faith Ekakitie, for making last Saturday their own personal "weasel stomping day."

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