Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Legitimate protest, or coup d'etat?

I've been watching the issues around the University of Missouri, and it strikes me that four alleged racial incidents, only one of them plausibly criminal and none of them corroborated by independent evidence, is awfully thin gruel for proving a "culture of racism", let alone adding a very significant infrastructure of "mandatory diversity" demanded by the protesters.  This is especially true when I consider that the same protesters are actively preventing reporters from covering their protests.

Now this would be odd in most cases, as the point of a protest is to get media attention.  But if you've got the coverage you want and don't want people looking too closely at what you're doing--say it's not a response to real racism but rather a publicity stunt designed to get your way and set up that mandatory diversity Politburo--then it makes a lot of sense.

At any rate, what is clear is that two faculty members involved in preventing a reporter from doing his job need to "leave Mizzou to pursue other opportunities."  Another thing that is clear is that Tim Tai needs to be on the short list for hiring at the AP, Reuters, Fox, and the New York Times.  He's got the guts that are all too often missing in today's journalists.

No defense of racial slurs or putting excrement anywhere but in the toilet from me, but we have cross examination of claims for a reason.

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