Wednesday, September 30, 2015

How to prevent drunkenness and alcoholism

According to a recent study, kids from intact families (raised by married biological mother and father) who learn to drink at home have the lowest rates of alcohol-related problems versus those who are not allowed to drink at home at all, and versus those who are allowed to drink at home, but are not from intact families (single parents or parent married to stepparent). 

It is as if parents don't have any wish to see their kids passed out on the couch (or vice versa), and as if kids won't be so enamored of Falstaff and Boone's Farm after they've had something drinkable. I know that Bugweiser had no appeal for me when I returned from Germany, for obvious reasons.

Maybe instead of fighting to keep the drinking age at 21, end the drinking age altogether and stop government policies that effectively promote single parenting and divorce.  Might do us some good.


Hearth said...

We have occasionally let the boy have a sip of the good stuff... he HATES it and has no idea why we'd consume such horror.

Win. :)

Anonymous said...

You might find interesting a book entitled "Drinking With the Saints: The Sinner's Guide to a Holy Happy Hour" by Michael Foley. Got it for my husband for Christmas. We (shhh) allow the kids to have a small mimosa with us on the holidays. That they enjoy, but they cannot abide the sight, smell or taste of much else -- although I do put rum in my homemade eggnog (you can't really taste a side note, the rum in eggnog is essential in my opinion if you only can get regular store-bought eggs...kills any bacteria.)

On another point, some kind of spirits or whiskey is very good for knocking out a nasty cold....WAY better than any cold medicine out there. I've used it for that when all else failed, and it worked.