Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Interesting bit about dinosaurs that touches on climatology

Fox News released this article about an interesting hypothesis about why dinosaur remains are not typically found at tropical latitudes, but rather those far away, like in the Dakotas, Mongolia, and the like.  The hypothesis is that dinosaurs are not found at these latitudes because the climate was too hot and dry for large reptiles, and it also notes....

.....that the concentration of carbon dioxide in the air was about four to six times what it is today.  Now while the article makes the obligatory nod to the IPCC hypothesis, I take this somewhat differently; the earth has a self-correcting mechanism by which it removes excess carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

Of course, those who want to U.N. and related agencies and NGOs aren't going to allow that hypothesis to get much traction, even though the failure of their own computer models to come close to reality seems to indicating that climate is self-correcting as well.

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