Monday, February 09, 2015

Thoughts on the Brian Williams debacle

Apparently, servicemen who flew Brian Williams around Iraq are speaking up about his stories of being there, telling little subtle facts such as his helicopter was not hit by an RPG, which carries sufficient explosive power to destroy a tank.  In other words, if his helicopter had actually been hit by an RPG, he most likely wouldn't have been around to talk about it.

In other fiction served up by Mr. Williams, he apparently made up a slew of stories surrounding his experience--or non-experience as it were--reporting the results of the Hurricane Katrina disaster.

Now that last part catches my eye, as there are any number of people in the media who were around Mr. Williams in both cases who could have, and should have, told the truth.  The fact that they did not until now suggests that media bias is not an accident. It is a culture of deception. 

And given that the reporting on the Katrina disaster arguably was a great part in giving Congress to the Democrats in 2006, I have to wonder if there was an intentional effort there.  Now I don't have any "smoking gun" documents, but it certainly was a nice little coincidence that dozens of people all decided not to tell the world that Williams' account was, to put it politely, fertilizer, wasn't it?


Jim Peet said...

I asked my son, whose unit experienced a RPG attack in Afghanistan.

In that particular attack, 5 men were injured, one seriously (he survived but with serious life-changeing injuries). The other 4 experienced "minor" injuries. The shrapnel was so hot going in that there were no infections (the steel was sterilized!). These injuries were to lower extremities (in one case a man's buttocks).

My son was not injured at all.

He is not at all sympathetic to Williams stating that he lost his credibility.

You lose credibility as a broadcaster .. well you are worthless for that role.

Jim Peet said...

Hillary has the same problem: Sharyl Attkisson: Brian Williams Not Alone; Hillary Clinton Lied About Being Shot At In Bosnia

Bike Bubba said...

Still praying for the man so seriously injured....give him my best when you get a chance to see him. Thuy, right?