Monday, October 27, 2014


I just gotta say that I love Coach Hoke.  Michigan should keep him for a long, long time if he keeps this up.  Spartans for Hoke!  And Buckeyes! And Gophers!  And....Scarlet Knights?   If it keeps going this way, they're going to be playing the Little Giants again soon.

OK, seriously, lest I be accused of total Schadenfreude, let it be noted that Rich Rodriguez is 6-1 at Arizona this year.  He's doing great with a school that hasn't traditionally been first tier in the PAC-10, and this raises the question of whether someone has "put a spike" into the University of Michigan's ability to put a good football team on the field.   Is that je ne sais quoi lost?

And I've also got to admit that, looking at the game pictures, many of the MSU players are true physical specimens.  I am hoping that this indicates great recruiting and great training, and not the kind of steroid nonsense that the George Perles teams that Tony Mandarich played on were known for. 

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