Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Speed trap in Waldo, FL

I posted earlier about what I thought a speed trap means to visitors--more or less, don't do business here because we'll take advantage of you--and today I got somewhat unexpected confirmation that the city of Waldo, Florida was losing its police department due to declining property tax and ticket revenues.  It's especially worth noting because Waldo lies about ten miles from Gainesville (Go Gators) and should therefore benefit somewhat from the U. of Florida. 

However, I would guess that thousands of former students whose rent money was taken by the speed trap on their way home to Jacksonville decided, for some odd reason, that they'd start their business or live elsewhere, and the city is now finding out that a speed trap can be a very, very expensive way to raise revenue.  It was striking, when looking at the town's pictures on Google maps, how barren a town right at the intersection of two four lane highways can be in a state without an income tax.

Serves you right, Waldo.  Now elect a mayor who understands how to treat visitors.  Things might get better in a hurry.

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