Sunday, January 26, 2014

Thoughts on a blizzardy day in Minnesota

You might wonder what Minnesotans do when it's 15 degrees out with winds over 30mph.....well, in our family, we ski into town to get ice cream, and then when we find (boo hoo) the ice cream shop is closed, we get donuts. 

We had a wonderful time at a youth concert yesterday, and when tempted to complain, we can remember people like Bob, Tom, and Todd.  Bob is about 60, and lost his eyesight and his eyes 30 years back to diabetes.  Many would have been content to just take Social Security disability checks, but not Bob.  Through four transplants (three kidneys and a pancreas), he's also gotten a master's degree and worked for 25 years.  He just retired, just had heart difficulty, but you'd never know he'd had difficulty from his attitude.

Our family has also known Todd and Tom for years--twin brothers born with a congenital muscle disease that also entitles them to lifelong disability checks, they have both gotten degrees and--this is remarkable in this economy--both have found work in their area.  They are wheelchair bound for life and need special assistance in many areas, but you will no sooner hear them complaining then you'll see them wearing a dress.  My hat is off to them, at least.....when I'm inside. 


Jim Peet said...

Nice of you to highlight Todd and Tom

Gino said...

seriously, you all don skis and go for donuts? sounds like a fun, and a good way to work off the donut (or several), not to mention the family activity thing.

Bike Bubba said...

Jim--and I could have added a few others, couldn't I? :^) There is a point where I've got to wonder what the correlation of church membership to care of the disabled might be.

(new pastor has had severe scoliosis.....probably another guy who could have just lived off disability, really....and I guy I know who works for Wells Fargo, and....)

Gino--yup, we did. On a day when church was cancelled due to weather no less. :^)