Monday, December 09, 2013

NSA: No Sentient Analysts

Why so?  Well, apparently, according to Fox News, the NSA is credibly accused of monitoring video game players, specifically those in a game called "World of Warcraft."  Apparently, you can figure out the performance parameters of specific weapons--just like you can with a simple Wikipedia search--and apparently you can get some decent training in hand-eye coordination using online games, just like you can you put into your Xbox.

And so we either have the NSA being completely ignorant of the fact that they're spreading a net to detect maladjusted young people wasting their lives in video games instead of actually detecting potential threats to our security, or (this is my guess) the NSA is staffed with maladjusted social rejects who are using the "surveillance" of online video games to play "World of Warcraft" themselves.

If anyone from the NSA is reading this; a little hint; men and women generally don't look like that without extensive help from a plastic surgeon, and you won't find any expert swordsman carrying a weapon that looks anything like that.  Please stop wasting your time and our money!

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