Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Bending the cost curve....

.....is appparently exactly what Obamacare is doing, just like they promised, but with one big exception.

It's going up, not down, with average insurance rate hikes of 32% nationally, and even the CBO (bound by the assumptions of the politicians) notes that the ten year cost is already $1.8 trillion.

However, it gets worse; a lot worse.  When you ferret out the double-counting of items and the like, estimates of the ten year cost are as high as six trillion dollars, and the mean estimate is $2.6 trillion.  To put it in liberal terms, far more expensive per year than the war in Iraq, and far more devastating as well.  Just ask senior citizens, who will face a lack of care due to Obamacare's target of a 25% reimbursement rate for Medicare.

What happened to the promise that it would save money?  Well, keep in mind that the guys who made that promise are the same guys who added up six years of costs and ten years of taxes to arrive at their original number.  It's the kind of accounting that puts anyone not in government into the graybar hotel.

Remember in 2014.  We might not be able to arrange for a term at Alcatraz, but we just might be able to finagle "no term in DC" for the perpetrators.

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