Friday, October 05, 2007

Key games for Notre Dame

...are November 3 against Navy, November 10 against Air Force, and November 17 against Duke. Go Middies!

"Key," of course, in that they just may be the Frightened Irish's only chances for a win this year. It is so wonderful to see an 0-5 team in South Bend; hopefully they can keep up their streak.

(my favorite teams; Michigan State, Nebraska, whoever's playing Notre Dame, whoever's playing Michigan, and whoever's playing Colorado)

UPDATE: looks like I jinxed Notre Dame, as they beat UCLA 20-6 this weekend. Sorry, Golden Domers for spoiling your chance for a perfect season. :^)


Shawn said...

...are these *football* teams that you're talking about? You play football up north?

Mark said...

Bert, you're a disloyal and traitorous Buff. (And noisy, too. ;^)

My favorite teams: Colorado, whoever is playing Notre Dame, and Nebraska.

Shawn said...

holy shit!!! go stanford...umm...trees! They suck so bad, I don't even know what their mascot is...

but they beat USC!!! Man, college football is the most exciting sport ever.

Bike Bubba said...

Mark, if Colorado had kept their promises to me, and you could go to a game without learning new words from the student section, I might be a Buffies fan today. Disloyalty didn't start with me in this case.

"whoever's playing USC" is also one of my favorite teams, unless it's somebody like Notre Dame.

And, sigh....Shawn certainly has a point about northern teams, especially my alma mater in October and November.

Mercy Now said...

Can't wait til next wk to see the surprising upsets.